Welcome to Driver Ready Virtual Reality Racing Simulators!
Find us in Truro, Cornwall & Plymouth, Devon & Portsmouth, Hampshire. UK


Cornwall: Player Ready (Cornwall) Ltd,  18-21 Charles Street, TRURO, Cornwall, TR1 2PQ (Opposite ShelterBox – Parking Opposite)

Devon: Ready (Plymouth) Ltd, T/A Player Ready, 2 Lockyers Quay, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 0DX. (Nearby the Barbarian Lesiure Park)

Hampshire: MYVRPORTAL LTD, T/A Player Ready, 93 Fratton Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. Tel: 0238 1850080

This is a mini-site dedicated to our Racing, Driving & Go Kart Simulators at Player Ready VR. If you wish to view our main Virtual Reality website please visit player-ready.co.uk.

VR Simulators aim to give you the closest thing to “Real“ racing/driving as you can get without going on a track.

100% Safe!

100% Fair!

Sim Racing feature Virtual Reality or option of large TV. Butt Kickers to Simulate the feel of the track, Force Feedback, Wind Generation to help sense of speed. VR allows you to look around inside the car and all around you with all styles of driving in different race categories available from Go Karting, Rally Cross, Road all the way to Open Wheeler Formula One.

2020: We are adding MOTION platforms to all our simulators in a rolling upgrade to be completed by end of the year!

August 2020: Currently we have two full motion rigs in Plymouth & Truro.

What is Virtual Reality Racing?

It involves several linked hi-tech racing seats with pedals & steering wheels, wind generation fans controlled by gaming computers and software. As well as a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to allow total immersion.

Race by yourself or as a group, with inter simulator communications you can experience up to 200 cars, dozens of styles and over 60 tracks.

How much does it cost?

Currently out pricing is simple:

30 mins of track time: £15.00

60 mins of track time: £25.00

60 minute sessions can be used by two drivers to have 30 mins each taking turns.

Group of 8 Example

For a group of 8 for example it would be £80 (£10 each) to hire 4 simulators for one hour.

This would allow a race structure such as:

Drivers Set 1: 10 Min Practice, 10 Min Qualifying

Drivers Set 2: 10 Min Practice, 10 Min Quality

Followed by two 10 minute races with the the top four from of the qualifying and the bottom four of the qualifying round.

Everyone has 30 mins in the seat practicing, qualifying and racing for just £10 and while waiting can watch the various screens, race directors screens.

After the race the top three then step onto the Winners Podium for photos!

Larger Group of 16 Example:

Hire 8 simulators as above for a group of 16 to do the same structure as above!

We can also host longer events and we offer discounts on Tuesday evenings plus a new monthly membership scheme for regulars!!


Next Steps…

To book you can use our online tool below or at our main VR site player-ready.co.uk or call 01209-311581. Email info@driver-ready.co.uk.

Facebook: www.fb.com/DriverReadyVR

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcVW-Ewdn0s0f7irxoeFnVw