What is Virtual Reality/VR?

Virtual Reality involves wearing a head mounted display which displays a 3D image which moves when you move your head in all directions, allowing you to feel inside the Virtual World. In racing this lets you look around the inside of the car, check your wing mirrors, rear view mirror, out of the side windows or even into the back seat.

The simulated driving experience is realistic and can be difficult for younger children, we do not recommend under 8 years old and often under 12s find it too difficult. We can teach children how to race but they will need the time to practice. 

Our Junior Racing Club is perfect for kids 8+ to hone their skills on a Wednesday evening for only £15 and we guarantee at least 1.5 hours in the simulator. 

What do your simulators feature?

Virtual Reality, Butt Kicker system (feel the track), wind generation (increases as you speed up), gaming computer, 200+ cars, 60+ tracks and lots of race styles. Force feedback steering feel for accurate control, paddle shift for gears, pedals (including clutch) and large screens (for non-VR or observers). Push button to talk (on steering wheel) to speak to other drivers or your “pit team”.


We also have lots of VR Gaming systems, a large indoor roller skating rink, toilets, retro arcade, licensed bar & Café.

How much does it cost?

As little as £12.50 for a single player 30 minute session, £20 for one hour sessions and as little as £10 each for group sessions. We offer free 2 lap taster sessions when we are open (subject to availability) – this is helpful to make sure you don’t feel sick!

Will I feel sick?

Some people do…but only about 5% of people and they normally suffer from motion sickness in general. However if you feel sick using the Virtual Reality you can try instead with the large screen and headphones – less immersive but still allows you to have fun and take part in a group event. Most people do not feel sick with TV option – but some will still find any fast racing can cause some motion sickness. If you are unsure book in for a free 2 lap tester session!

Where are you located?

Currently we have one VR Driving Race Simulator Centre open in Redruth at 14 Pool Industrial Estate, Redruth, Cornwall, next door to Tool Station with free parking outside.

Our second smaller location opens in February half-term in St Ives in Cornwall a perfect location for locals and holidaymakers staying in Saint Ives or nearby for a Driving, Race or VR Experience day with the family.

What Simulator/Game are we using?

Currently we are using Project Cars 2 VR Commercial Edition with all DLC packs. However we are also testing Assetto Cora 2 VR, iRacing and other simulator software such as flight sims! If you have a preference please get in touch as we are always open to feedback from the Sim Racing Community!!