Go Karting Vs Driver Ready VR

The first main advantage is price! VR Simulator Racing is around 60% cheaper than most go-karting, at £20 for 60 minutes of racing thats only 0.33p per minute, whereas go karting is normally £1-1.30 per minute in Cornwall.

Race against 4 human opponents (soon to be 8) and up to 14 A.I controlled opponents of a skill level to suit your ability. With more than 20 racers on the track things can get a little crazy. Especially on a sharp when but it does help offer a genuine track style racing experience.

Go Karting is also exciting and competitive but with our Driver Ready VR Simulators we can offer all the benefits of go-karting but with a host of other benefits.

Greater Variety

You don’t have to stick to the same old kart going around the same old track. You could spend an hour driving an EVO before you get into a  Audi R8 for a completely different experience. Or you could choose a classic car or if you want you can race a virtual go kart around American go-karting tracks before you take on some of the biggest and most challenging Formula 1 tracks the world has to offer.

Fair Competition

With go-karting you are relying on the karts all being of the same age, quality and maintained to the same level. We have all been there when your mate gets the kart the staff normally use which is tuned that little bit better and you have no way to catch him.

Or what if you are 20 stone and you mate is 10 stone, with Driver Ready Simulators the weight difference will make no difference to the performance of the virtual car on the track. All simulators are built from the same components and no one has an advantage. But if someone in the group has more skill you can give the novice racers an advantage to keep things competitive.

Safe And Reliable

Driver Ready VR Experience tries to offer a lifelike experience while maintaining the fun. You can feel like you are wizzing along at 200mph, but if you crash you will feel little more than a bump. If you crash in the Virtual Reality Simulator depending on the rules set before the race, you can often just continue or wait until the next round and carry on. So if you book at hour – you will have an hour of racing without time for repairs or injury.

For younger kids 8+ that take to the track they can experience the thrills of high speed racing without their parents stressing about potential injury.

Huge Choice

The software behind Driver Ready VR Simulators at Player Ready VR has a huge selection of tracks, track configurations and car types, colours and styles. You are limited to racing the same vehicle around a single static go kart track. With over 60 tracks including go kart tracks, Formula 1 tracks and even off-road or street circuits. With over 100 different cars for beginners as well as the most complex and challenging F1 or supercars.

Don’t worry the staff at Player Ready VR will help you pick cars, settings (such as automatic, sequential, driving line, auto brake assistance etc) to ensure your group has a fun experience.



Also most people find that a Virtual Reality simulator is more physically comfortable than being thrown around inside a go-kart. They can also be driven by all ages and by people with some physical impairment.

While our simulators include force feedback and haptic feedback it will not be the kind of situation that can cause injuries such as whiplash or bad backs.

One downside to VR racing like all simulation it can cause about 10% of people to feel motion sick. Around half of these people are fine when they switch to using the large 50 inch Television mounted on the simulator. If you experience motion sickness normally – please come and take a free 5 minute test session.

So whether you are planning a stag or hen party, a corporate team building day, or you just want a couple of hours of fun for family and friends, call Player Ready VR on 01209-311581 to talk with the team, or use on the online booking to reserve your session now.